Have questions? Give these FAQs a try, but if you still have questions, please contact us at 888.858.4815 or CurrentCare@riqi.org, or visit http://CurrentCareRI.org.

How do I get started?

Our Viewer Getting Started page will help you through the steps.

Where do I Login?

Login to CurrentCare Viewer.

Help! I forgot my Viewer password!

If you forget your login credentials, you can try "Forgot ID/Password" at the bottom of the login screen, or call 888.858.4815.

How can I Print from Viewer?

How can I print all the lab results from one encounter?

The Patient Summary Report, viewed as a PDF, will accomplish this.

At the top of the screen, change the "View As" dropdown to "Patient Summary (PDF)." Wait a minute for the PDF to be created, and then print only the pages that contain the dates you are looking to print.

For more information, view our CurrentCare Monthly Tip - "Viewer Printing Guide" and our CurrentCare QuickBite - "How to Print from the Viewer".

How do I view Behavioral and Substance Abuse information ("Part 2")?

Can I show the information in the Viewer screen to my patient?


My CurrentCare Story

01 - Amy Malo

02 - Emily Phrasikaysone

03 - Laurie Bowie

04 - Claire Melley

05 - Jessica Godena

06 - Deborah Andrade

07 - Melissa O’Donnell & Andrea Knoll

08 - Ann-Marie Peters

09 - Meghan Martorana

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