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Use Viewer to research your Hospital Alerts.

Continuity of Care (CoC) Documents

Need a summary of your patient’s visit to a Lifespan hospital or ED? Now view Lifespan CoC Documents [PDF] for all enrolled patients!

CurrentCare Guidebook

CurrentCare Guidebook

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5/6/2015 - What Patient Data is in CurrentCare Today?

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6/3/2015 - Enrollment Panel Analysis and Enrollment Campaign

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7/8/2015 - How to Print from the CurrentCare Viewer

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8/5/2015 - Improving Quality Measures using CurrentCare

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9/9/2015 - Top 5 Viewer Tips

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10/7/15 - Hop on the Train! Get Your Patients to Enroll

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11/4/15 - Peer Learning Session

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6/28/2016 - How CurrentCare Fills the Gaps in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Veteran's Affairs Data in CurrentCare

Workflow Tools

My CurrentCare Story

01 - Amy Malo

02 - Emily Phrasikaysone

03 - Laurie Bowie

04 - Claire Melley

05 - Jessica Godena

06 - Deborah Andrade

07 - Melissa O’Donnell & Andrea Knoll

08 - Ann-Marie Peters

09 - Meghan Martorana

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