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Post Hospitalization or ED visit

Need a summary of your patient’s visit to a Lifespan hospital or ED? Now view Lifespan CoC Documents [PDF] for all enrolled patients!

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Searching for a Patient

Searching for a patient in the CurrentCare Viewer can be as simple or as detailed as you would like.

We recommend entering just First Name and Last Name and clicking “Search.” Or some clinical staff tell us they prefer to enter just Date of Birth and press the (Enter) key. You can also enter other search criteria such as Middle Name or Gender, but that is not necessary.

To view the record, choose the correct patient’s name from the list of search results. (Important: Always verify Name, Address and Date of Birth before viewing your patient’s record)

Search Tips:

  • Keyboard shortcut: enter First name, (Tab), enter Last Name, (Enter)
  • Most efficient: Note the patient’s 6 digit unique “CurrentCare ID” in your electronic health record. Type that into the “CurrentCare ID” field and (Enter) or click “Search.”
  • Filtered due to Consent: If you do not see your patient listed, but see a message “Some records have been filtered due to Consent,” click here to learn more.

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