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Learn how to integrate CurrentCare patient Enrollment, Hospital Alerts and Viewer into your workflows. Maximize value for your patients and your staff! Our CurrentCare Super Users tell us it's worth the time to integrate CurrentCare:

  • Saving time is priceless - CurrentCare saves time. Everyone benefits when staff save time instead of chasing down results and med lists, or when quality measures are met and duplicate testing avoided.
  • Enrollment is critical - It all depends on the foundation of enrollment… spending time up front to enroll your patients in CurrentCare will benefit you and them for years to come!
  • Care coordination is key - If you don't know when your patients are in the hospital or ED, you can't help coordinate their care upon discharge. Hospital Alerts tell you in near-real-time when they are admitted and discharged. Viewer shows you a comprehensive record from across the state.

In this Knowledge Center, we've compiled a ton of resources. You can spend as much or as little time as you need learning from your peers and from CurrentCare experts. Learn how to make CurrentCare a part of your workflow: